This Is For You!

RefreshTheWeb is a collaborative effort across domain specialties in Web-based industries to ensure that the World Wide Web:

  • is well-understood by all audiences via clear language;
  • is and remains open and accessible for all who wish to engage;
  • embodies a compassionate, human-first context for all activities.

RefreshTheWeb is dedicated to helping manage the communication issues regarding groups, policies, ethics, values and ecosystems that shape the lives of the people who work to make the Web great every day.

She’s ba-a-a-ck!

After a long hiatus from activities including my time as group lead for the Web Standards Project (WaSP), I’m back and redefining my home base for projects related to the primary goals of RefreshTheWeb. I want to work with anyone who has an interest in the concerns I’ve outlined, or any relevant activities you might be thinking about. Let’s work together to build a colorful community, with regular brainstorming, mentoring, projects, articles, resources and even meetups from anyone who would like to join in such efforts!

Currently, the blog is here as a welcoming point, a get-to-know you coffee spot on the way to actual activities with deliverable outcomes. Some projects are already in their infant stages, others will come from collaborative discussion and individually driven ideas. Introduce yourself in the comments below, and if you’re interested in contributing or have ideas, bring them!

Fair Play

It’s important to note that all resources at this location are intended to be free, and if any licensing or ownership of materials is claimed, the intent is that it will be done so using Creative Commons, Open Source and full public domain licenses and notations.

Similarly, all activities including projects, meetups and online events will be provided freely and done in a helpful way, with participants and organizers working together to manage logistics.

Voluntary Projections

All project work is on a voluntary basis, done out of focus and passion for the platform and its future.

Some existing examples of current projects are:

  • The creation of a glossary of common industry terms with the intent of clarifying and improving communication between Web makers of all disciplines, managers, employers, the media and the general public,
  • Defining the real roles played by Web makers so employers can better articulate job descriptions and real-world skillsets,
  • Identifying the domain areas of expertise within our industry more succinctly and mapping that to a tiered priority of skills,
  • Examining long-term solutions to improve quality of work and life for all Web makers,
  • Creating, Iterating, collaborating, changing and constantly re-examining any active projects

Anyone interested in participating, note that a working wiki will soon be available with starter content and plenty of room for your contributions and ideas!

Good to Know You

Please do say hello and introduce yourself in the comment section!

Yours always,